Why Every Home Benefits From Energy Star Windows And Doors

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February 18, 2017
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March 4, 2017

Why Every Home Benefits From Energy Star Windows And Doors

energy efficient windows and doors

The type of glass windows and doors installed in a home plays a huge role in regulating energy.  The ones that are efficiently designed functions well in both hot or cold climates.  Luckily, Energy Star-qualified glass doors and windows have been introduced in the market, helping homeowners benefit from the efficient use of energy notwithstanding the climate in their region.


What makes Energy Star qualified windows and doors distinct from the rest?


Apart from carrying the Energy Star logo, these windows and doors are set apart from the others in the market because of their special features.


Effectively designed to manage heat


Traditional glass doors and windows are made of single glass panes.  This feature instantly allows heat conduction in and out of a home or office.  In addition, typical window frames allow heat to escape easily if they are constructed out of aluminum which is known for its high heat conductivity.  On the other hand, energy star qualified doors and windows are made of special multiple glass panes.  They are designed to have air spaces between the glass panes, allowing minimal heat transfer.  Heat transfer is further minimized when harmless gasses are incorporated between the panes.  Krypton and argon are typical types of gas used for this purpose.


Offer savings on utility costs


Clients who have had these products installed in their homes attest to savings of around 12 percent on annual utility costs. You can find these products in just about any store that sells doors and windows. You can also ask your local window cleaning company their recommendations since they work with windows all day.

This offers valuable savings especially if accumulated over time.  The amount saved can go even higher (up to 30% on heating and cooling costs) depending on the windows replaced and the climate type in the area.


Keeps noise pollution at bay


Energy star windows and doors keep unwanted noise out of the home.  If you are one of those city dwellers who happen to be in a busy, high-traffic area, near train stations, or close to neighbors with noisy rowdy dogs, these products are a boon for you for they keep these “annoyances” out of your home.  You get the rest and sleep you need without being disturbed.


Regulates heat and light energy


These special windows and doors carry low emissivity coatings.  This allows heat to penetrate your home during winter time or to escape during summer time when the heat can be quite extreme in some regions.


In some areas characterized by northern climates, heating inside the home is very much desired.  These glass windows and doors allow the full range of light into the home.  Heat energy isn’t allowed to escape out because of the multiple pane and minimal U-factor.  It retains heat similar to that achieved by the greenhouse effect.


For areas generally experiencing the hot southern climate, Energy Star windows and doors also effectively keep warm air out


Windows and doors that are truly energy efficient will result in yearly savings on cooling and heating bills. Select the right glass doors and windows, ensuring that they are Energy Star qualified.

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