Teaching Our Children About Renewable Energy

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February 26, 2017
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March 15, 2017

Teaching Our Children About Renewable Energy

Teaching our kids to save energy can be a lifetime value that they can use in their life, and be passing that knowledge to their kids when they’ll have a family of their own. It’s also efficient and effective to teach kids new things when they are still young because they can easily learn them. But as much as possible, make it fun to learn. So here’s a list in teaching your kids on how to save energy in a fun and exciting way:

  1. Educate and reinforce

Kids learn so much at school. And as a parent, you should ensure that they do not stop learning at home. To encourage your kids to learn about clean energy, you should educate them and make sure to reinforce what they have learned. You can discuss to them the energy sources of your appliances and why conserving energy is important. You can also ask your kids to write down rules at home about saving energy and every time they follow those rules, they will get a reward at the end of the week. Additionally, let them identify if you are wasting energy or not.

  1. Build a garden and grow some plants

Growing some plants in your backyard will give your kids more responsibility and this way, they can learn how plants can help the environment. Children also love to make new things and they take pride in their own creation.

  1. Go out and have fun

Take some time going out with your kids and challenge them to take a few hours per day to get off their gadgets or just plainly to keep every appliance off. You can take an adventure to the beach, or have a picnic in the park, or explore the neighborhood using a bike. This way, you can strengthen that family’s bond and you show your kids that it’s more fun and exciting outside.

  1. Allow them to redesign their own energy-efficient room

Kids love to take charge of something. By letting them redesign their own energy-efficient room, you allow them to be involved in the process and this way, you can ask them what the possible things they can have for their room that will conserve energy. By this, you teach them to be energy-efficient.

  1. Conserve together

You should also follow the things that you have been teaching to your kids. This way, you do not just save the environment but also your family’s monthly bill. And because you saved so much on your bill, you can let your kids choose what the saved money should be spent for. The more the family saves money, the more you can have fun.

  1. Teach your kids these habits:
  • Turn off the lights and all other appliances when leaving the room
  • Close the doors and windows after going in or going out when running heat or air conditioning
  • Do not leave the fridge door open
  • Take a short shower instead of long baths
  • Avoid repetitive and unnecessary opening of the fridge
  • As much as possible, use daylight to lighten up the room
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Do not play with the light’s switch

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