Greenhouse Gas Emmisions

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March 15, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Greenhouse Gas Emmisions

Greenhouse gas emission is one of the most destructive occurrences that seem to be causing global warming. Greenhouse gas emission tends to trap the heat from those gasses into the planet and makes it warmer with time, this in brief terms, is explained as global warming.

Humans are rationalizing the activities that are increasing the amount of greenhouse gas emission each day. We burn fossil fuels that emit the dangerous gasses, buy cars and use motor vehicles that emit CO2, everyday electricity and heat generating rituals that seem to damage the environment.

The compounds found in the dangerous gasses trap the heat into the atmosphere causing the earth’s surface to become warmer day by day.  This causes the greenhouse effect of climate change yet known as Global warming and is damaging the ozone layer. The deadly gasses that are known to be notorious for the earth’s surface include:

CO2 (Carbon dioxide) – the gas emission by human led activities that is produced in abundance in the result of deforestation

CH4 (Methane) – the gas that is released by fertilizers used for agricultural process

N2O (Nitrous oxide) – the gas is released from burning of fossil fuels and industrialization

Fluorinated gasses – the three main fluorinated gasses include (HFCs) hydrofluorocarbons, (PFCs) perfluorocarbons and (SF6) Sulphur hexafluoride. The main sources of these green glasses are the industrial process and electric appliances used at home.

The strong gasses fail to react to air pressure and temperature change occurring in the atmosphere of the earth as they are well mixed into the air. They are stubborn gasses that are present in the atmosphere for long period of time and thus aren’t easily removed from the earth’s atmosphere.

Global warming thus affects the atmospheric circulation adversely by changing the weather and even climate patterns in the various regions of the earth. The rain patterns change in a way that warm regions of the earth are getting colder whereas the cold regions are getting warmer.

The damaged caused to the ozone layer is causing the polar ice caps to melt and thus sea levels in the northern region of the earth are rising hazardously. The adverse effects of the greenhouse gas emission have already begun and we fail to recognize the threat it has posed to the earth’s atmosphere and has already caused the extinction of marine creatures and other mammals.

The CO2 coming from man-made sources are comparatively smaller than natural emission of the gas but regardless of its little amount, it still tends to upset the natural balance. The carbon cycle existed in the atmosphere long before the Industrial Revolution came into being.

The danger lurking in the atmosphere by the green gas emission comes from both natural and man-made progression but it’s the human activity that has led it to offset from the natural balance. If it is the manmade progression that is causing the earth irreversible damage then the responsibility of its eradication is also up to us. We can help the earth, which is the only planet humans can survive on, by doing more than just planting trees in abundance.

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