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Why Every Home Benefits From Energy Star Windows And Doors
February 26, 2017

Efficient Energy Sources

Primary sources of energy are in forms of nuclear energy, natural gas, fossil, thermal, hydro power etc. which are transformed into a secondary energy source that is electricity. The renewable sources wind and solar energy and non-renewable sources like coal, oil and natural gas help in generating electricity. Before using these energy sources to generate the power we need to calculate the cost of the whole operation, the capacity of the factors we are using and the effects it has on the environment.

An efficient energy source is one that provides the electrical energy we need and where the cost, the capacity of the factors used and the adverse effects on the environment are minimized. This will generate efficient electricity that will cut the costs on electricity bills while reducing carbon pollution. Following are a number of power generating techniques that are cost efficient, renewable and eco-friendly thus with the efficient allocation of energy can be done.

Tidal power

The energy coming from the tidal stream and can help in generating power. The tidal stream can generate eco-friendly electrical energy which is easily predictable as the earth and moon motion system. The tidal power system can generate enough electricity to provide to homes and offices.

Solar energy

Using the sun as a source of generating power has been widely used all around the world to run environmentally friendly operations that require electrical energy. Modern technologies readily use solar energy to generate enough power for running their operations. Solar cells are efficient to generate electricity as they are easily transportable and very flexible. The modern technologies have been using renewable solar power to run small scale successful inventions like vehicles that run on solar power and the solar powered printer. If we talk about large-scale energy consumers there are towns that are run on solar energy, artificial satellites also consume solar energy to operate. Countries like China and India are building energy efficient building and offices that run from solar energy.

Wind power

Wind power uses wind energy by way of wind turbines to generate electricity or mechanical energy. The energy sources of Large-scale wind farms are the local power transmission networks that provide electricity to isolated areas. As per the size of the units, they are capable of powering large appliances and even entire houses with power generated from wind energy.


Hydroelectricity is generated by the production of power through the gravitational effect of water that is fast flowing or falling. The renewable, most efficient and eco-friendly source of energy is consumed by a complex power plant. It is the second most used source of energy to generate electricity after solar energy. Check out our home page for newest articles related to energy efficiency.


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